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CompleteCampaigns.com has been voted the best political campaign management software two years running.

Web-based Campaign Management Software

BackOffice offers an unmatched set of user-friendly features that help you manage your campaign, including state and FEC reporting, accounting tools, communication tools like broadcast emails, and a host of other management features. BackOffice is entirely web-based software, which means you have nothing to install and you can access it over any internet connection.

Plus you can take advantage of our free unlimited customer support. In a recent user survey by the Personal Democracy Forum, CompleteCampaigns.com was ranked #1 in software, #1 in service, #1 in price and #1 for campaign management software providers overall. We outranked 11 other companies including every major vendor of campaign management software and reporting software. What's more, our support costs you nothing when you call us, unlike many of those other companies.

You get our #1 ranked campaign management software AND our #1 ranked free unlimited customer support with no long term commitments.

We built our campaign management software from the ground up with campaigns in mind. Because we listen to our clients and build the tools they need, we now have a proven, user-friendly system that will save you time and money.

BackOffice Includes

  • FEC and state reporting
  • Integrated accounting tools
  • Broadcast emails and other communication tools
  • Powerful fundraising tools
  • Free unlimited customer support
  • Web-based access from any internet connection

How is BackOffice Superior to Other Campaign Management Software?

Web-based Service

Access data from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection. Multiple users can log in from different locations simultaneously.


BackOffice places no limits on the number of addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses you can have for a contact. BackOffice gives you unprecedented flexibility to track and target. Our system is highly customizable to meet your campaign's unique needs.

Integrated Government Reporting

BackOffice is equipped with an automatic error-checking tool that provides explanations in plain English and allows you to make all the necessary corrections in seconds. The built-in government reporting tool allows you to print or e-file your reports directly from the system.

Integrated Communications

Send personalized messages to targeted groups in just a few clicks with personalized emails and faxes. BackOffice also creates labels, lists and mail merge letters.

Integrated Budgeting and Accounting

With BackOffice, budgets automatically update as new transactions are entered. Easily view your register, perform bank reconciliations and print detailed or summary financial reports.

Public Pages

BackOffice can integrate directly with your website, helping you cut down on data entry. When volunteers sign up or someone donates online, BackOffice can import that information directly to the database.

Data Backup

With BackOffice, you will never lose data again. Our system automatically backs up your data, ensuring your operations will run smoothly, even if you have a computer problem.

Continuous Product Development

BackOffice is constantly evolving and improving. We update the software weekly as we respond to client needs. And since BackOffice is web-based, those upgrades are automatically available to you.

Contact us about BackOffice

Get in touch with us about BackOffice by email or by calling 888.217.9600 to get a free demo and learn how this powerful web-based campaign management software can help your campaign.

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Complete Campaigns.com has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their BackOffice product two years ago!

Joe Murray
PAC Filer
Thank you for making my job as treasurer so easy. It really is very user friendly and as easy as pushing a button to get the reports I need.

Margaret Lee
Wow. This is powerful. That's great. I have needed something like this for awhile.

Honorable Eric Pettigrew
Our company handles many federal candidates’ committees, and our clients are always surprised at how outstanding CompleteCampaigns.com is in comparison to the competition.

Emily T. Hoover
Financial Manager