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Web-based Campaign Finance Software

Managing finances and accounting for a political campaign or organization just isnít the same as doing it for a business. You need to not only keep track of all the money thatís coming and going, but you also need to prepare every transaction for the government reports. Thatís why we took a completely different approach than typical accounting software.

We work hard to address the unique needs of political accountants. Unlike traditional accounting programs, BackOffice is designed to track things like monetary contributions, miscellaneous income, expenses, loans and non-monetary donations. But it also helps you do all those things traditional accounting software makes so easy, like printing checks, running bank reconciliations and keeping tabs on your bank balance. It also includes a full suite of reports, like Profit and Loss statements and cash flow reports.

Federal and State Reporting

If youíre the one in charge of your campaignís FEC reports or their state equivalents then you already know they can be a pain to prepare, check and file. While we canít make them fun, we can make it faster and easier to get them ready to file and check them for errors. As you enter your transactions into the accounting system, BackOffice prepares them for your reports. When it comes time to file, you just select the report youíre looking for and BackOffice compiles it. As it does so, it checks the report for missing or invalid data and gives you a list of any errors Ė in plain English Ė with a link that takes you directly to the problem so you can fix it. Once youíre done, you can either print the report out for review or e-file it directly with the government. Itís as simple as that.

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#1 Web-based Campaign Management Software

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Thank you for making my job as treasurer so easy. It really is very user friendly and as easy as pushing a button to get the reports I need.

Margaret Lee
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your assistance and patience as I worked my way through submitting my filing for the first time through CompleteCampaigns.com's software. I couldn't have succeeded without you.

Tammy Mangan