Making online donations simple.

FundRaiser makes online donations simple.

Online Campaign Donations Made Simple

Campaign fundraising is one of the greatest challenges to any campaign. Accepting contributions online can play a crucial part in building your campaign war chest. That's why we are excited to announce that we’ve upgraded FundRaiser to a more robust and customizable system called CampaignContribution!  It offers all the same features plus a ton of new ones, includes the same world-class support and costs exactly the same.

Plus, with CampaignContribution, you can now accept Discover in addition to Visa, Mastercard and American Express. 

CampaignContribution offers affordable online credit card processing with the best Internet security available. Our servers are fully protected behind a firewall and utilize 128-bit encryption - the same level of protection used by banks and other financial institutions. Donors can feel safe knowing that their credit card numbers are secure.

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Free setup and no monthly fees
  • Only a 7.5% transaction fee (5% when used with any of our other products!)
  • CampaignContribution can be set up to match the rest of your website

You can feel good knowing that you are getting one of the best rates in the industry. We will set up a basic contribution page for you free of charge! And for those campaigns that want the contribution page to match the look and feel of the rest of your website, we can customize the page for a one-time fee of $150.

Getting your campaign set up to accept contributions online has never been easier or more affordable. Get in touch with us and start accepting your online donations today.

FAQs About CampaignContribution

1. What do I need to do to set up an online fundraising account?

First of all, let us know who you are and where you're from. You'll get a chance to customize your very own CampaignContribution sample page. If you decide CampaignContribution is something you want to take advantage of, all we need is a signed contract and we can get you going.

2. How quickly can a CampaignContribution page be set up to start accepting online donations?

We can usually get your CampaignContribution page up and running the same day we receive your signed contract, so you can start accepting your online donations right away.

3. What information will you need to get my CampaignContribution account started?

We need to know your name, the name of your organization and your address, phone number and email address. If you are planning to use our direct deposit option, we'll also need a voided check and the routing information for your bank.

4. What credit cards do you accept?

Your can accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

5. How do I get the money from my online contributions?

Twice a week, we send out a check or deposit the aggregate amount directly into your bank account, depending on which way you prefer to receive your online contributions.

6. Are there any fees or hidden charges?

We charge a processing fee on each transaction - 7.5% if you're using it by itself, 5% if you're using it with any of our other products. There are absolutely no hidden fees involved in keeping your account running. However, if you request custom design work on your page, this is billed at $85 per hour.

7. Can I change the colors and fonts on my online contributions page?

Yes, you can! CampaignContribution makes it easy to change the fonts, page colors, text displayed, HTML and more. Additionally we can customize your CampaignContribution page to match the look and feel of the rest of your website.

8. Can I link a CampaignContribution page with my database?

CampaignContribution is fully-integrated BackOffice and Aristotle 360 political campaign software. Any information you collect on a CampaignContribution page can be automatically imported into BackOffice or Aristotle 360, without the need for any additional data entry. If you are using a database system other than BackOffice, we can provide you with an export of each transaction.

Contact us about CampaignContribution

Get in touch with us about CampaignContribution by email or by calling 888.217.9600 to get started today.

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