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Local Campaigns

BackOffice is powerful campaign management software for ANY sized race. It helps smaller campaigns across the country save money, whether they're running for city council, county commissioner or dog catcher. No matter how organized you are, you canít do everything in your campaign yourself without help. Most campaigns get help in the form of volunteers, and maybe a few paid staff. But campaign management software ties together all the work you and your supporters do.

What does campaign management software do?

Imagine everything your campaign does, from fundraising and managing volunteers to filing government reports, all rolled into one piece of software. BackOffice allows you to send an email to a hundred volunteers as quickly and easily as it allows you to pull up the giving history of one specific donor. BackOffice keeps track of all your campaign accounting, so whether you're writing checks or tallying up your donations, you do it all in one spot. Plus, you can use it for all your government reporting needs as well. And BackOffice is web-based software, which means you have access to it anywhere that you have access to the web. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Let us show you what BackOffice can do for your campaign with a free demo >>.

Itís affordable.

In the most recent survey by the Personal Democracy Forum, CompleteCampaigns.com was voted as the MOST AFFORDABLE web-based campaign software. We work with your campaign to make sure it's affordable, on nearly ANY BUDGET.

It saves time and money.

The web-based tools that BackOffice provides more than pay for themselves by freeing up your time alone. In just government reporting BackOffice can save your hours on each report. With all the other features, like broadcast emails or the community calendar to keep your staff organized, the benefits start adding up fast.

We make it easy for you.

The interface is intuitive, so you could learn how to use BackOffice on your own. But we offer FREE UNLIMITED SUPPORT AND TRAINING for your ENTIRE STAFF. That means we train everyone to use BackOffice and we answer all of your questions. We also have 24-7 FREE EMERGENCY SUPPORT and we have a comprehensive online help-file. No additional support fees or support plans required. Everything is included.

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In addition to BackOffice, we offer:

  • VoterManager lets you target specific groups of voters and print out customized walk sheets.
  • FundRaiser allows you to accept credit cards online, with no startup cost.

And we understand the financial limitations that small campaigns face. While we offer local campaigns the exact same products and level of support that our national campaigns get, we provide them as a price design for your small budgets.

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I love your software and your support has been great.

Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce for Mayor
Many thanks to you and your staff for always being so easy to deal with and for beating all of your date estimates when we requested changes! We could not have been successful on our school referendum without your and your staff's assistance!

Paul Sheehan
Citizens for Strong Schools