January 3, 2006

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  1. As Seen on the West Wing
  2. MobileOffice
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    As Seen on the West Wing (...Website)

    Dear Friend, is proud to provide the reference information referred to by the website of NBC's high-profile political drama, "The West Wing."

    The show's website features a Hot Topics section which includes real-world references about politics and campaigns to support the show's narrative. In this section, you'll find a direct link to's CampaignGuide, as well as several other online sources that refer to us. campaign reference and services to the stars. That means ALL those great American campaigns, whether they're televised or not!

    MobileOffice is proud to present the first mobile-access political database product on the market.

    Now you really can access your existing account from anywhere! This service works with BackOffice, VoterManager and CompleteGov accounts. With MobileOffice, any wireless device with browsing capabilities can log on to our mobile interface to look up information on-the-fly.

    That means no more scrambling to find a computer with Internet access, as long as you have a net-ready cell phone or PDA. You don't need to sign up for an additional product or service - it's offered free with BackOffice, VoterManager or CompleteGov.

    Here's how you use it:

    Log on to MobileOffice by pointing your wireless browser at (BackOffice and VoterManager) or (CompleteGov.) Log in as you usually would at our full-featured site.

    Here are a few highlights of MobileOffice:

    -Easy Dialing: Click or select a linked phone number to dial it on your internet-enabled phone.

    -Driving Directions: Each street address has a Yahoo! Driving Directions link.

    -Limitless Contacts: There is no need to add numerous contacts to your cellular phonebook. MobileOffice is the contact management system that can be accessed anywhere.

    -Fast, easy access: The pared-down application design ensures fastest possible loading times on your wireless browser.

    As always, we want to know what you think about our new and existing features. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

    Most importantly, thank you for choosing We pledge to always keep up with what you need to run your campaign.

    Employment Opportunities is growing! We currently have openings for full-time employment in the Software Development, Customer Support and Sales departments. If you know anyone who would be interested in working in either of these areas, call us at 888-217-9600 to find out more.


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