January 31, 2006

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  1. AJAX, it's not just a cleaning supply anymore!
  2. Hot Tip: I forgot to add a code to my import!
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  4. CompleteCampaigns is Growing!


Dear Friend,

AJAX: it's not just a cleaning supply anymore!

Here at, we've always been at the cutting edge of technology. As I mentioned in our last newsletter, when I founded this company, there wasn't even a term for web-based software. However, in pushing the limits of technology, I've always tried to maintain a firm grasp on the realities of campaign needs. While Avery labels and bank reconciliation statements may not be as exciting as Instant Messaging and blogging, they're still much more important to most campaigns.

So while the tech world is abuzz with new terms like "Web 2.0" and strange acronyms like "RSS," I'm focused on filtering the hype for the few gems of actual value. Gems such as AJAX. While I don't want to get too technical, I did want to give you a brief overview of what AJAX is and how is going to make our products work even better for you.

While web-based software has some significant advantages over desktop software, especially in easily sharing information and software improvements, it also has had a latency issue. When you save changes and a page reloads, it takes longer than with desktop software. We've built our software to try to minimize this, using dynamic pages to avoid extra page loads wherever possible.

With AJAX, we can go a step further. AJAX allows pages to change and your database to be updated without full page reloads. While this is not easy to implement, the faster interface it provides easily justifies the extra implementation time.

We've already begun employing AJAX in several places in our software -- most notably, when deleting items on many of our management pages. Over the next year, we'll continue to update our software for an even wider implementation of AJAX. At the same time, we'll continue to add new features and tools to make our products even more powerful and useful.

There is nothing more important than user interface when we consider upgrades to our software. Shiny, cutting-edge features do make our software better, but great features are useless if the user doesn't know how they work or finds them too cumbersome to use. Thatís why though we always keep one eye on the shiniest new technologies, we are completely devoted to making sure our user interface is ALSO evolving. And for anything you don't find to be more intuitive, you can call our Support team for help.

-Ben Katz
Company founder

Hot Tip: I forgot to add a code to my import!

If you aren't familiar with our import tool, you should check it out. It allows you to import records from a .csv file into the database completely free of charge. This allows you to add more data without having to wait or pay for an upload. It's fast and simple, take a look at our HelpFile on how to import records here:
Importing an Excel File into BackOffice
Defining your spreadsheet
How to convert an existing Excel fileinto a csv format.htm

If you're using the import tool, you might have forgotten to add a code to your import. For instance, you uploaded the candidate's High School Contacts list. Once you uploaded it into the system, you realize you forgot to add the code "High School Buddy."

  1. Find out who was the first and last contact on your list. Look up their new individual record in the system and write down the record ID number (you'll find that at the bottom of the screen).

    My Account.

  2. Go to Reports > Custom Reports.

  3. Use the following query:
    General Record ID # is equal to or greater than "First Rec ID"
    and Record ID # is equal to or less than "Second Rec ID"

  4. Under Export Options, select:

    -Type: Data Updates
    -Format: Add/Remove Codes

    Click Submit Query

  5. In the new screen, you will be asked to which code you would like to add. Select High School Buddy and click Set Code. You should get a message stating that your code has been added to those records.
My Account.

Submit to CampaignGuide!

We're always looking for new content and articles for our CampaignGuide. We'd love to hear from you, since we know that our clients are the most talented people in the business. If you decide to share your expertise with us, we'll include your contact info and a web link to your business with your article. Review our CampaignGuide and please, don't hold back if you have material that needs to be covered!

Please e-mail all submissions to Jessica Wong.

Complete Campaigns is Growing!

In order to support the recent rapid growth of our client base, we've hired two new staff members. A new Web Developer will help us continue improving our software with the speed our clients have come to expect. Our new Support Representative will ensure that our increasingly large number of clients will continue to receive the excellent and timely service that "campaign time" requires.

We are pleased to welcome Marcos Gomez to our software development team. Mr. Gomez will lend his expertise in electronic communications and database administration to further enhance your campaign software tools. His background in developing broadcast email technologies, content management systems, and his noteworthy accomplishments at UCLA and Intel assure us that he will contribute greatly to our brain-trust.

Sara Escamilla earned her BA in Communication from the University of California at San Diego, where she studied various methods of intercultural and mass communication found in today's media methodology. After college, she worked at a fairly small company, which afforded her the flexibility to experience many different facets of business growth. Favoring administering training sessions ranging in size from two to twenty-five people, Sara quickly refined her presentation skills and sought a career path that would allow for fulltime interpersonal communication. is thrilled to welcome Sara's unique experience and expertise to our growing Support staff!

So don't be alarmed at the new voices on this end of the phone. That's the sound of your favorite software provider continuing to grow in popularity. Which means more reliable service for you, and all of our clients. As always, we thank you for choosing as your campaign management software.

We currently have an opening for full-time employment in the Sales department. A full job description is available on our Jobs board. If you know anyone who would be interested in working in this area, forward a resume to .


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