March 20, 2006

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  3. Effective Speaking For Candidates
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  5. Focus On: Financial Transactions
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Dear Friend,

At, we are dedicated to security, quality and service. But what does that really mean? We thought we'd take a moment to break down our commitment in concrete terms.

Since our principles are a lengthy body, please take a moment to visit Our Statement of Principles.

Thank you for your continued business.

-Ben Katz
Company Founder

Hot Tip - Refunding Contributions

My Account. There are two ways of entering refunded contributions - the first is as a contribution reversal which lists refunds as NEGATIVE contributions but does not total on the Refunded Contributions line on the FEC or FPPC report.

The second is as an expense, with the Reporting Code "Refunded Contribution" - this totals the refunds and will show up on Line 20a (on FEC Form 3) and lists the refunds in Schedule B (for CA Form 460).

If you have a reversal, DO NOT CHECK THE REVERSAL BOX ON THE ORIGINAL TRANSACTIONS. Instead, add a new contribution for the same amount & check the reversal box on that transaction. This way you'll have two transactions that cancel each other out.

  1. Go to the Donor's Record.
  2. Select Contribution under Add a Transaction
  3. Click the Reversal box and fill in the amount of the refund and the date.
  4. Save changes

Effective Speaking For Candidates by Randall P. Whatley

How to Make your Point and Create Sound Bites And Quotable Statements

Whether you are participating in a debate, at a community forum or communicating with the media, your most important objective should be to make your point clear and memorable.

The following are three simple and effective techniques to make your point clear and create sound bites and quotable statements:

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Focus On: Financial Transactions

Focus On is our new series of email tutorials. We will show you a few overlooked features in our system. We encourage you to print this document and keep it next to your computer, to follow along easily through the lesson.

In this edition, we will show you a few overlooked features in our system

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