April 6, 2006

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  1. A Customer Service Manifesto
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  4. Hot Tip - Saved Reports
  5. The Most Important Component of The Modern Political Campaign Strategy
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A Customer Service Manifesto

I hate the software business.

The software business isn't much of a people person business. You walk into a store, lay out a lot of dough for some top-of-the-line stuff and then go home and install it. If you're lucky, someone might sell you a pricey service plan that allows you to wait on hold for an hour and talk to someone who is not really interested in helping you. You know what the worst part about this scenario? You may be able to get the software to work but you'll never going to utilize it to its fullest potential. I hate that. If you spend a lot of money all software, you should know how to use it.

Free, unlimited support and training? Really?!

That's why I love what we do at We want to talk to you. When you call, you don't dial through a switchboard. A real person actually answers the phone, usually a person that can help you or at least figure out who can help you. We love when you call. It means that you're using our software and that's what we want. If you call with the same question every day, we're still going to be excited about your call.

At the end of each training, we try to emphasize our commitment to support. If you're running a report and you're stuck, call us. If you're confused about how to run a query, call us. If you can't remember how to log-in, call us.

The first training that you go through in the database is designed to get you comfortable. It's not supposed to be the end-all, be-all. We expect that you'll call back with questions. You may call back and want a second training. As your staff grows, we know that you might not have time to train new hires. That's what we're here to do. We'll happily train new people so that you don't have to. If you're worried about permissions of new volunteers, call us before the training and let us know what they will be allowed to do and what they won't. We're experts at taking directions.

We want your feedback:

We want to hear feedback. You don't like how something is done in the software? Tell us. The majority of our improvements in the software are client driven. Why is that? Because you're going to tell us how you're using it and how you want it to work. There are a bunch of geeks working in the background here. They have an idea of how they think the software should behave, but you're the one using it in the field. We value your feedback.

- Jessica Hilt

Report Card is built on a solid committment to customer service. While we can't always solve every problem a client has, we always try our best, and nothing makes us feel more proud than hearing comments like these:

"Thanks again for all your help. I just ran a standard report and the system seems to have fixed itself. I can't say how much I appreciate your responsiveness at Complete Campaigns. I always hear back from you all in a quick and timely manner, which I am very grateful for."

"I'm happy to endorse your product when the opportunity arises. It really simplified my duties as treasurer. I actually enjoyed my role as treasurer! Thank you for a great product that keeps getting even greater!"


Just like anyone, we love the praise that we get for our hard work. But truthfully, we're happy to get all kinds of feedback - requests, comments, your unadulterated opinions.

As always, feel free to let me know what's on your

- Ben Katz

Personal Democracy Forum's Software-as-a-Service Survey

Speaking of outstanding service and support, we've been made aware of an opportunity for you to share your feedback not just with our staff, but with your peers in the political and electoral software community.

Personal Democracy Forum is in the process of writing a detailed report on the products and specialties of eleven top companies in the political software industry. is proud to be on that list! Please take a few moments to answer a handful of questions about your experience with

Please Take The Survey!

We hope we'll get top marks from all of our clients. But if for some reason you see fit to score us less than the absolute best, please be sure to contact us and tell us why! Your comments are the most important feedback we can get to help our company grow.

Thanks again for your support!

Hot Tip - Saved Reports

Have you ever created a complex custom report only to have to do it again the next day? Or have you wished that you could create a report for junior staff members to run for you? Did you know that you can create a saved custom report?

Saved reports are a way of saving custom reports to use at a later date. Many clients create a saved report that they can pull up and add to as needed or create saved reports that they run on a regular basis.

Creating a saved custom report is easy:

  1. Go to the Reports --> Custom Reports.
  2. Create your query in the Query Builder.
  3. Click the Add to Query button.
  4. Click the Save Query.

    My Account.

  5. A new box will pop-up. Type in the name you would like to give the query.
  6. Click Save. Once you have received the success message, click Close.

    My Account.

  7. Now your query has been saved. You can run the report or come back later to use your report.

To use an existing report:

  1. Click on the dropdown box Load Saved Report.

    My Account.

  2. Select the report you wish to run.
  3. Make sure you have an Export Option selected. If there is nothing in the Selected Export Methods, choose your export and click Add Export Format. You can add as many export methods as you need.
  4. Click Submit Query

    My Account.

    My Account.

Do you see the difference? The first picture doesn't have an export option. If we ran this report, we would not be able to see any results. The second picture has two export methods selected. If we ran the second report we would get a mail merge and envelopes!

The Most Important Component of The Modern Political Campaign Strategy
by Art Murray

We are often asked, "What is the most important component of the modern political campaign?"

Many will say, having an "elect able" candidate. Many will answer successful fundraising. Many will answer GOTV or get out the vote. The reasons for these choices may be obvious.

However, we believe that the most important aspect of the modern campaign is "targeting." You see, any candidate can be "elect able," if you are able to target those who will support that specific candidate. And, every fundraising effort will be more successful if you are able to "target" those who have been identified as supporters… even more importantly, those who have contributed to similar political campaigns in the past. As for the GOTV effort, no campaign can be successful, if you do not "target" your support and get that support out to the polls on Election Day.

Read more in's CampaignGuide.

Submit to CampaignGuide!

We're always looking for new content and articles for our CampaignGuide. We'd love to hear from you, since we know that our clients are the most talented people in the business. If you decide to share your expertise with us, we'll include your contact info and a web link to your business with your article. Review our CampaignGuide and please, don't hold back if you have material that needs to be covered!

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