May 2006

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Spotlight on Support

If you've called us recently, you may have noticed a new voice on our end of the line. Since our support staff are the people you will spend the most time talking to at, we thought it would be fun to take a moment and get to know our Support staff a little better - both new staff members and old.

Jenifer Broadbent

What motivates me on a daily basis is my direct proximity to Ben's office, my overdeveloped work ethic and a healthy dose of guilt. But ultimately, I like laughing happy people far better than mad angry people. So I enjoy my role as "traffic cop," directing clients to the people best suited to assist them in their specific need.

My favorite moments are when I can hear people smiling on the other end of the line. And I also like it when they figure out that I really DO want to know how they are doing. It makes me happy when they recognize that I'm really listening.

I am an arts freak - any live performance is completely up my alley. I also really like baseball. I enjoy all sorts of food, beer, wine, port and chocolate - the finer tastes of life. Food in general is a hobby - most notably the challenge of taking food that isn't normally vegetarian and making it vegetarian. Oh, and to keep myself well rounded, I'm also into knitting.

I have a 9-yr-old long-haired calico cat named Chaos. She lives up to her name with alarming regularity.

I have a degree in Theatre Design/Management from George Washington University. I was a professional Stage Manager for 5 years, then spent the last three years as an administrative professional and in retail management for a few local companies. I was a Volunteer Coordinator for a recent presidential campaign.

Sara Escamilla

I enjoy anything that's people-oriented and involves an element of teaching, learning, and trying new things. My biggest motivators on-the-job can probably be broken down into the following formula:

60%: Wanting to help people and strongly believing in all our products. That said, it's easy to strive for excellence when I'm helping clients because I KNOW what I'm telling them will genuinely improve the time they spend at work. Being on the front line of a lot of our software changes creates an extremely positive atmosphere.

35%: is a GREAT place to work. Just the environment and business model is motivating enough. It's easy to self-motivate when everyone gets along so well. We're all concerned about meeting clients' needs in a timely way, and genuinely considerate of everyone else's well-being and workload. We're very much a team, in all definitions of the word.

5%: I get to joke around on the phone. It's fun to test out jokes, what can I say?

I am driven by the human interaction component of my work. I love creating relationships with clients, and helping people figure things out for the first time. I love the sound of people's voices when things finally click.

Outside the office, I enjoy anything outdoors, including, but not limited to: baseball—GO GIANTS—the beach, new places, people, and food, and anything that involves a good laugh.

I am the proud new owner of a seven month-old kitten, Reina. I got her for Christmas, and love her curiosity… but not her claws. She's growing up so fast... but at least she has grown big and strong enough to knock things off the table and break them! Makes a cat-mom proud.

Jessica Hilt

I joined in 2003, bringing with me experience culled from a diverse background ranging from veterinary tech to insurance compliance specialist (snore!). I decided to escape to because I was tired of working for giant companies who thought that client support was optional. I wanted to come to a company that not only had a lot of respect for their employees but also valued their clients. I love my job. How cool is it to be able to say that?

My home life is incredibly important to me as well. My boyfriend shares my passion for cooking, photography and dogs (two Siberian Huskies). I take classes at a local college to pursue a degree (I won't reveal my major because it changes from week to week).

I can't sit still. I love to try new things. This summer, I'm going to learn how to surf! (I don't think I'll turn pro or anything.) I enjoy participating in a local folk dance troupe and love to travel; this year it's Hawaii and Michigan.

Molly Sanford

Customer support is important to me, because I know what it is like to be on the other end of the call. Through my personal experiences, I know how much immediate resolution means to someone when they have a problem. The last thing a person wants when looking for help is a rude support representative who does not care about the problem.

I try to help our clients by listening patiently and finding quick ways to resolve their problems. There's no better reward than when a client is grateful for your help.

Outside the office, I love spending time with my family and friends, and traveling to new and exciting places. My next trip is to Yosemite National Park for my honeymoon.

I love outdoor activities like bike riding, gardening and going to the beach with my sweet dog, Daisy.

Like many others in the office I have several pets. Daisy accompanies me to the office once or twice a week, and I also have a cat, Chloe, who stays at home. Both try to be the center of attention and are very loving and cute.

My favorite part of my job is coming to work where everyone is so close knit, almost like a family.

Hot Tip - What is the difference between a Custom Financial Report and Custom Report?

Under the Reports tab, you will see two reports with similar names: Custom Reports and Custom Financial Reports.

My Account.

You might wonder what are the differences between these reports.

There are two major differences:

  1. What they are used to find
  2. How you can view that information

What are they used to find?

Custom Reports are used when you are looking for people. For instance, when you are looking for volunteers, VIPs, or contributors, you are looking for types of people that exist in your database.

The Custom Financial Report is used when you are looking for transactions. For instance, when you are looking for contributions received in January, expense from a mailer or in-kinds, you are looking for transactions.

Now, how do I see that information?

The other major difference between these reports is how you see that information once you have run the report.

Custom Reports has many (many!) different export methods. You can you can run letters, phone lists, export to excel, or add a communication to all the individuals or organizations that you received when you ran your query.

The Custom Financial Report has two export methods: a report viewed inside the database or export to excel. Since this report is transaction driven, it can be sorted or grouped by areas like elections or categories.

For more information on Custom Reports, check out our Focus On tutorial here.

For more information on the Custom Financial Report, check out our HelpFile here.

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Focus On: Letter Templates

Focus On is our new series of email tutorials. We will show you a way that you can export data into a .csv file(which can be opened in Excel). It is used in combination with our Custom Report Generator and some Standard Reports.

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