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You've Won! Now What?
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“Thank you for all your work. We are so happy to be using your software.”
Anitra J. Beruti
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“The customer service team at went above and beyond to ensure our success. The software itself is easy to use, efficient, and produced superior results. Thanks for a smooth, professional campaign! You made us look great.”
Samantha Bowman
Campaign Manager

“ has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their Back-Office product for two years. There has never been a question on my end that they could not and did not answer within hours. If you are looking for a software vendor that stands behind their product and their word to help you accomplish your database needs, it is”
Joe Murray
PAC Filer

“You folks are nothing less than super-helpful!!”
David Brown
Southwestern College Academic Action Group: PAC

“"I love your software and your support has been great.”
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce for Mayor

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Dear Friend,

Just one week left and so little time!
Make sure to read our article “7 Ways to Reduce Stress During the Election.” In this newsletter we also have information about our free JobBoard, and about our constituent management product, CompleteGov.

We encourage you to take full advantage of our products and unlimited support, and look forwarding to helping your campaign run more efficiently and effectively during this hectic election season.

Quick Reminders

Support is here until 7pm through the election.

We have a 30 day cancellation notice required for all of our products. If you have questions about this, please call us at 888-217-9600
Stay In Touch. We would like to stay in touch with you after all of the post-election shuffle. Please click the link below to give us your permanent contact information so we can send you product updates and check in with you from time to time.

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Product Spotlight - CompleteGov

You've Won – Now What?

Getting elected is only the first step in public service. Now it’s time to do the job the public hired you to do. One of the first challenges a public official will come across is managing the confusing and time-consuming constituent management issues that flood in.

Many elected officials are still using out-dated paper files to keep track of cases. And those that do use software are often saddled with a myriad of programs that don’t work together or have information that is badly out of date.

Our CompleteGov constituent management software can help, with the same intuitive, easy-to-use database design that you’ve come to expect from our campaign management tools. We can help you track constituent requests, including the status of the case and any projects you’ve started to resolve the issue.

CompleteGov has no limit on the number of addresses, phone numbers or emails you can have for a given constituent. And our built in mail merge and email tools mean you don’t need to use multiple pieces of software to do one job. You can even limit your mailings to a specific number of random constituents.

And the best part of CompleteGov is that you don’t have to worry about setting up a network in your new office or accessing your database from home or a meeting across town. You’ll be ready to go on day one.

If you’re concerned about managing your constituent’s needs, give us a call at 888-217-9600. And good luck!

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New Products / Services

FREE JobBoard Now Online!

We have just launched our Free JobBoard which has job listings offered as a service to the entire political community. It offers users the ability to upload resumes and search for political and campaign jobs throughout the United States by position, salary, location, and keywords. Organizations can post and manage job openings and search for qualified applicants by a number of criteria. Clients of as well as non-clients are invited to use this service.

"We know that after elections there is a lot of job shuffling," said Ben Katz, founder of "We want to offer a solution that really makes it easier for people to find new work and organziations to find new employees. It makes sense for us to develop an online, interactive community web space to complement our existing online tools."

For the job seeker the JobBoard functionality will include:
   • Resume upload
   • Job searches by city, position, party, salary, and posting date

For the employer the JobBoard functionality will include:
   • Resume searches
   • Post, edit, and delete positions in your organization

Check Out The Job Board>>

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Focus On

Changes with Internet Explorer 7.0

Microsoft has announced their release of Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 and with this new version of Internet Explorer, there are changes. Most changes are minor – only affecting the appearance and placement of menus. However, the most major change is the use of new HotKeys.

HotKeys are keyboard equivalents used to quickly tell the program to do something by pressing the correct combination of keys on the keyboard instead of selecting the command from a menu with a mouse. For instance, using Control+Alt+Q on your keyboard to quit a program.

The HotKeys for BackOffice and VoterManager are changing from Ctrl+Shift to Alt. This is because Ctrl+Shift conflicts with many HotKeys built into the new version of IE.

Also, on a related note the HotKey for deposit is changing from D to 4 (because Alt+D is reserved in IE and we thought the dollar sign ($) on the 4 key was appropriate).

The existing HotKeys will remain functional for the near future but we will terminate their function as more people use the newer version of IE.

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7 Ways You Can Reduce Stress During This Election

Believe it or not some people actually get stressed a week before the election. I know, it seems crazy. But even during this hectic time, there is a list of things they can do to reduce stress. Some stress can help you stay motivated, but past a threshold it becomes counter-productive. Time and resources are short in this last week, and you and your campaign need to be running at maximum efficiency. These suggestions can make a big difference and only require a small investment of your time.

7. Stay Nourished

Low blood sugar can give you a headache and cause you to feel weak, disoriented, drowsy, and irritable. Not to mention that you need energy to keep up with the frantic pre-election pace. If your body isn’t fully nourished you are more likely to become stressed. An unconscious part of you is actually stressed about the fact that you are hungry! Don’t add to your tension.

6. Stay Hydrated

A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page. Just like not being nourished causes unconscious stress, so does being dehydrated.

5. Laugh

There are over 5000 laughing clubs in 40 countries worldwide. Studies have shown that the very act of laughing relieves stress, boosts your immune system, and raises your mood EVEN WHEN YOU ARE FORCING IT! There is almost no physiological difference between an involuntary laugh and forcing a good hardy chuckle. There isn’t enough room in this newsletter to go into all of the positive benefits of laughing, but it will reduce stress, so tell a joke to your friends or fake a laugh in your car on the way to work.

4. This Stress Is TEMPORARY

Repeat this mantra over and over, “This Stress Is TEMPORARY.” Remind yourself that this stressful situation isn’t a permanent state of being, but rather the final lap of a tremendous marathon. Just the simple act of reminding yourself will instantly reduce stress.

3. Get Exercise – Go for a walk

Yes, I get it - you’re way, way too busy for a walk. This walk doesn’t have to be an hour long routine with a shower and a change of clothes. A 10 minute walk will do wonders for your stress, health, and perspective in any situation. You can even use the time to figure out problems back in the office, but get your body moving and you’ll see your stress evaporate.

2. Unwinding Time / Favorite Activity

It is very important to spend 20 minutes a day unwinding - doing anything you like to do, like watching TV, reading, playing an instrument, playing with your children - anything that you enjoy doing and is NOT campaign related. You will be able to fall asleep easier at night and better focus while at your job.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Some people can function better than others without sleep, but everyone needs it. Think about the difference in your own productivity without enough sleep, and ask yourself if those 2 extra hours of sleep that you’re missing are helping to avoid 2 hours of mistakes during your day.

Our busy, modern lives make it much harder to get the sleep we need. Before the industrial revolution adults were sleeping an average of 10 hours a night and afterwards only 8. And after the invention of the light bulb the average adult only sleeps between 6 and 7 hours a night.

The amount of sleep you get dramatically alters your daily experience, and is the difference between a challenging day and a stressful one.

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Get Published!

Get your ideas published (and a little bit of Internet publicity for yourself or your consulting firm) by submitting articles to's CampaignGuide. offers our CampaignGuide to provide useful advice from experienced political consultants, with in-depth, insider articles on everything from fundraising to voter contact - and everything in between.

If you are knowledgeable on a campaign related subject and would like to be published on our website, we encourage you to write an article (of any length) and submit it to us for review.

We're looking for articles on the following topics or any related topic you can suggest:

   • Organizing your Political Campaign
   • Creating a Campaign Field Plan
   • Running a Statewide Campaign
   • Writing Campaign Fundraising Letters
   • Dealing with Negative Media

When you submit an article, we include a brief profile about the author, as well as a web linka and contact info for their company (if applicable.) Email us with your articles, ideas or questions at

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