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“Thank you for all your work. We are so happy to be using your software.”
Anitra J. Beruti
Political Coordinator, HROC

“The customer service team at went above and beyond to ensure our success. The software itself is easy to use, efficient, and produced superior results. Thanks for a smooth, professional campaign! You made us look great.”
Samantha Bowman
Campaign Manager

“ has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their Back-Office product for two years. There has never been a question on my end that they could not and did not answer within hours. If you are looking for a software vendor that stands behind their product and their word to help you accomplish your database needs, it is”
Joe Murray
PAC Filer

“You folks are nothing less than super-helpful!!”
David Brown
Southwestern College Academic Action Group: PAC

“"I love your software and your support has been great.”
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce for Mayor

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Dear Friend,

As you may have already heard, was voted as the #1 Political Software, #1 in Service, and #1 Overall by the recent Personal Democracy Forum survey.
This is really exciting for us to be voted so highly by actual users, and the best kind of recognition we could ask for. For all those who voted, we are grateful. out-ranked all of our competitors, both big and small, and most importantly ranked highest in the categories that matter most to us, namely service and software. It is rewarding to feel that our dedication to your satisfaction is recognized, and we will continue to provide the best service and product in the industry.


You can read more about this survey on our website:

Or see the survey results at

In this newsletter you’ll find a hot tip about using quick codes in BackOffice as well as an article called "Online Politics is Also Local". We encourage you to take full advantage of our #1 rated products and unlimited support.

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Quick Reminders


Next day turn around for most of our products means that you'll be up and running almost as soon as you order. Our friendly support staff will help ensure that you're experience is as effortless as possible.

Get your funds faster if you're using FundRaiser by signing up for direct deposit. Just call our finance department at 888-217-9600 to get set up.

Stay In Touch. We would like to stay in touch with you after all of the post-election shuffle. Please click the link below to give us your permanent contact information so we can send you product updates and check in with you from time to time.

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We have a 30 day cancellation notice required for all of our products. If you have questions about this, please call us at 888-217-9600.

Check out our political JobBoard, our free service for job seekers and employers alike.

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For Volunteer Coordinators

How can BackOffice help your campaign’s Volunteer Coordinator?

BackOffice offers a powerful set of integrated communication and organization tools to facilitate the management of volunteers and to coordinate with other branches of the campaign team. It is user-friendly and easy to learn since offers free unlimited support for all members of your campaign team including volunteers.

Powerful Communication Tools For The Volunteer Coordinator
BackOffice comes with a range of communications tools, such as broadcast faxes and mail merges. Broadcast emails, another of the communication tools, sends mass emails any specified group of people through BackOffice. This means that volunteer contact is only a matter of pulling up a saved list of volunteers and writing an email. No email addresses to cut and paste, and no one accidentally left out. BackOffice also has a built-in calendar, which can be color coded, easily edited, and used to organize large groups of volunteers. All branches of the campaign see the same calendar so the time table of the volunteers can be coordinated with the overall campaign’s timeline.

Powerful Communication Tools For Volunteers to Contact Voters
The same communication tools in BackOffice that allow the VC to be so effective in managing volunteers are also used to increase the efficacy of the volunteers themselves. Volunteers can pull up preset call-lists and use scripts or letter templates from within BackOffice. This kind of coordination will help ensure an effective, pre-approved, and unified message reaches the voters. After volunteers contact a voter, they can quickly and easily update a voter record to annotate each voter communication for future reference.

Decentralization of Volunteers
Since BackOffice is web-based software, there is no need for the Volunteers to be centralized. Decentralizing volunteers will allow your campaign to save overhead for office space, phone lines, internet connections, computers, printers, and all other associated office costs. Rather, BackOffice enables volunteers to work from home using their personal resources, while interfacing with the campaign data in real time. BackOffice also allows for an unlimited number of users, each with their own username and password, and each with explicit access to only the data that the VC allows them to have access to.

Database Workflow Efficiency
BackOffice is a user-friendly interface for a massive amount of data. It has powerful search features, a wide array of available actions, and many layers of data protection to ensure the integrity of your campaign data. In addition, the interface is customizable using user-defined codes and queries. For example, you may create a code for all people willing put up yard signs for your campaign, and then pull up that group of people for the volunteers to contact when the time comes. BackOffice was voted as #1 by actual users of our product and comparable products because of its ease of use and overall features.

BackOffice enables the Volunteer Coordinator to effectively manage volunteers while saving time, energy, and money. will get your campaign up and running using BackOffice quickly and affordably, while ultimately improving your campaign’s efforts through conserved resources.

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Online Politics is Also Local

The other 99% percent
Presidential candidates, most notable the Dean campaign in 2004 and McCain campaign in 2000, tend to dominate discussions of online campaigning. While Presidential campaigns are often using some of the most exciting technology, these discussions miss the vast majority of online campaigns – those on the Congressional, state and local levels.

Exempting Gubernatorial, Presidential and a few other highly publicized races, most campaigns do not benefit from the free media that drives donors, volunteers and voters to their websites.

For this reason, many of tools and challenges faced by Presidential campaigns don’t apply to the typical campaign. There are, however, many things they can and are doing on-line.

E-mail is still the killer app
E-mail continues to be the most used and most effective tool on the Internet. Our clients, who range from local campaigns to national races, have found it is a great way to communicate quickly. No other medium gives you near-instantaneous ability to corral volunteers, solicit donations, or fire off rapid response to voter questions and media coverage. They keep people involved with targeted and tailored messages.

Our most effective clients use a combination of fancy newsletters and plain-text “personalized” e-mails to simultaneously build relationships and disseminate information.

Volunteers' roles must be carefully managed.
Too many campaigns let a volunteer control their website content. While very cost-effective, this decision often has undesired consequences. Volunteers can’t be counted on to update the site as quickly as campaigns often need....

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Hot Tip - Quick Codes

What are Quick Codes?

Do you have a particular code that the campaign assigns over and over again? Assigning a code in the Codes area of a record requires you to search for the code itself. If you know the code and you use it often, you may want to consider making it a Quick Code.

Quick Codes are designed to allow the user to check off which code needs to be assigned to the record quickly and efficiently for data entry.

To Setup Quick Codes:

1. Go to Management and select Codes.
2. Change the Page from View Mode to Edit Mode


When you do this the page will refresh allowing changes to be made to the Codes Manager Page.

3. Go to the Code Types Box. Located next to the code type that you created you will see the checkbox for Quick Codes.


4. Check the Quick Code box for the Code Types that you want to be appear to quickly apply to records. Only check the Code Types that you wish to appear on the page (and not all Code Types).


Real the rest of the article >>

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Get Published!

Get your ideas published (and a little bit of Internet publicity for yourself or your consulting firm) by submitting articles to's CampaignGuide. offers our CampaignGuide to provide useful advice from experienced political consultants, with in-depth, insider articles on everything from fundraising to voter contact - and everything in between.

If you are knowledgeable on a campaign related subject and would like to be published on our website, we encourage you to write an article (of any length) and submit it to us for review.

We're looking for articles on the following topics or any related topic you can suggest:

   • Organizing your Political Campaign
   • Creating a Campaign Field Plan
   • Running a Statewide Campaign
   • Writing Campaign Fundraising Letters
   • Dealing with Negative Media

When you submit an article, we include a brief profile about the author, as well as a web linka and contact info for their company (if applicable.) Email us with your articles, ideas or questions at

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Since 2000 has been providing campaign solutions for fundraising, accounting and contact management, online donation processing, form filing, voter contact, volunteer coordination, and web site administration. The company serves over 800 clients in 26 states, from local-level campaigns through Congressional and statewide races. has become an industry leader in cutting-edge Internet technology for political campaigns. To that end we offer unlimited product training and twenty-four hour emergency support.

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