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“Thank you for all your work. We are so happy to be using your software.”
Anitra J. Beruti
Political Coordinator, HROC

“The customer service team at went above and beyond to ensure our success. The software itself is easy to use, efficient, and produced superior results. Thanks for a smooth, professional campaign! You made us look great.”
Samantha Bowman
Campaign Manager

“ has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their Back-Office product for two years. There has never been a question on my end that they could not and did not answer within hours. If you are looking for a software vendor that stands behind their product and their word to help you accomplish your database needs, it is”
Joe Murray
PAC Filer

“You folks are nothing less than super-helpful!!”
David Brown
Southwestern College Academic Action Group: PAC

“"I love your software and your support has been great.”
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce for Mayor

We'd love to hear your positive feedback and suggestions about what we can do better.

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Dear Friend,

Spring is on its way! In the spirit of the season of growth and change, we wanted to offer you some fresh ideas. We'll show you how easy collecting online donations for your campaign can be. Also in this newsletter we're introducing a new periodic feature "Staff Picks" in which we share some of our favorite tools and websites.

Plus we've had some change in our office as well. We have a new Financial Services Representative, the very capable Grimace Boyer, taking the place of Mike Pham who left last month. Next time you ask for finance make sure to introduce yourself (and ask him about his second job as a film writer & producer).

As always, we encourage you to take full advantage of our unlimited support to make full use of our software. We look forward to helping your campaign run more efficiently and effectively. If you or any member of your team ever needs training, just call and ask.

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Quick Reminders


Next day turn around for most of our products means that you'll be up and running almost as soon as you order. Our friendly support staff will help ensure that your experience is as effortless as possible.

Get your funds faster if you're using FundRaiser by signing up for direct deposit. Just call our finance department at 888-217-9600 to get set up.

We have a 30 day cancellation notice required for all of our products. If you have questions about this, please call us at 888-217-9600.

Check out our political JobBoard, our free service for job seekers and employers alike.

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Staff Picks

Our first Staff Pick comes from our company Founder, Ben Katz. "The Google Toolbar is my pick. While it has a ton of features I use it primarily for the pop-up blocker and the Spell Checker. While there are other toolbars that have these functions, with Google, they're done right."

google toolbar

The Google Toolbar can be downloaded here:

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Easy Online Donations

For a few large campaigns, it makes sense to acquire a merchant account from the bank and process transactions themselves. But those accounts require large up-front investments, technical expertise, and security. They also require a huge amount of work in regularly reconciling credit card statements with donation reports.

FundRaiser is a great alternative to a merchant account for any campaign wanting to collect online donations, even if the campaign already has a website. There are no setup or recurring fees. FundRaiser requires no technical expertise and it can be up and running within a day. This dedicated donation page can be matched to look like any website. We'll also send you a clearly itemized report on a weekly basis that includes everything you need for your compliance reporting.

FundRaiser's only charge is a 7.5% transaction fee, and if you use any of our other products that goes down to 5%. Plus FundRaiser can be integrated with BackOffice and SiteBuilder, which makes getting and tracking donations even easier. As with all of our products we have industry-leading support and hundreds of satisfied campaigns. Our staff is ready to set you up as soon as your campaign is ready to start collecting funds.

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Focus On - Codes

Welcome to our Focus On series. In this series of e-mail tutorials, we will show you a few overlooked features in our system. We encourage you to print this document to follow along through the lesson.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

Lesson 1: What Codes Are
Lesson 2: How to Create Codes
Lesson 3: The Difference between a Code and a Code Type
Lesson 4: How to Apply Codes
Lesson 5: How to Maintain your Codes

Lesson 1: What are Codes?

Codes are unique identifiers that, once created and applied, allow you to track a specific group of people. These flags make the people in your database unique, consequently allowing you to track them in unique ways. We may wonder, for example, "Why is John Smith in our database; what about him do we want to know and track?" Maybe John wants to volunteer, attended a fundraising event, has a yard sign, and strongly supports our candidate. To keep track of this, we can set up codes for each of these items, and apply them to John’s record.

Lesson 2: How to Create Codes

Once your staff has decided which codes you would like to use, you will need to create them in your database in order to be able to use them.
Go to Management > Codes:

drop down menu

This will take you to your Code Manager, which allows for the storing and modification of all your codes. Once you create something here, it will be available database-wide.

To create a code:

1. Click on Add Code (NOT Add Code Type). The code itself can be a maximum of four characters, which includes the usage of symbol, numbers, and letters.
2. Enter the four-character code into the Code box.
3. Enter a more thorough description into the Description box
4. Please note that Code Type is not required.

5. When you are finished, click Add.
6. Wait for the success message that will read “Add new code successful” before clicking the Close button.
7. After you have clicked Close, the Code Manager will refresh so you can see your new codes.

Lesson 3: The Difference between a Code and a Code Type

What about that Code Type drop-down menu you saw when you were creating codes? And what is that Code Type area in the Code Manager, anyway?

See full article online >>

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Get Published!

Get your ideas published (and a little bit of Internet publicity for yourself or your consulting firm) by submitting articles to's CampaignGuide. offers our CampaignGuide to provide useful advice from experienced political consultants, with in-depth, insider articles on everything from fundraising to voter contact - and everything in between.

If you are knowledgeable on a campaign related subject and would like to be published on our website, we encourage you to write an article (of any length) and submit it to us for review.

We're looking for articles on the following topics or any related topic you can suggest:

   • Organizing your Political Campaign
   • Creating a Campaign Field Plan
   • Running a Statewide Campaign
   • Writing Campaign Fundraising Letters
   • Dealing with Negative Media

When you submit an article, we include a brief profile about the author, as well as a web linka and contact info for their company (if applicable.) Email us with your articles, ideas or questions at

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Since 2000 has been providing campaign solutions for fundraising, accounting and contact management, online donation processing, form filing, voter contact, volunteer coordination, and web site administration. The company serves over 800 clients in 26 states, from local-level campaigns through Congressional and statewide races. has become an industry leader in cutting-edge Internet technology for political campaigns. To that end we offer unlimited product training and twenty-four hour emergency support.

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