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“Thank you for all your work. We are so happy to be using your software.”
Anitra J. Beruti
Political Coordinator, HROC

“The customer service team at went above and beyond to ensure our success. The software itself is easy to use, efficient, and produced superior results. Thanks for a smooth, professional campaign! You made us look great.”
Samantha Bowman
Campaign Manager

“ has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their Back-Office product for two years. There has never been a question on my end that they could not and did not answer within hours. If you are looking for a software vendor that stands behind their product and their word to help you accomplish your database needs, it is”
Joe Murray
PAC Filer

“You folks are nothing less than super-helpful!!”
David Brown
Southwestern College Academic Action Group: PAC

“"I love your software and your support has been great.”
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce for Mayor

We'd love to hear your positive feedback and suggestions about what we can do better.

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Have we mentioned how much we love our clients? All of our best ideas are really yours! Our four updates this past week all came from client suggestions -- please keep them coming!

Product Updates - Features Added This Week

1. New Public Page Layout

We now have a new layout for contribution pages. It's the Page Style called "Basic Two Column Contribution Form," and it offers a more compact, horizontal layout.

2. Radio Buttons Now Available on Contribution Pages
You may now display preset contribution amounts as radio buttons on your contribution page. You may also optionally display a description next to the amount. Check out the "Style" section of the Contribution area when editing the page.

3. Export All Codes Under a Code Type!
Now, under the Custom Export Merge, you have the option of exporting the most recent code under a code type or ALL codes under a code type. A big thank you to our clients for this suggestion!

4. Generating Standard Reports Based on a Single Account
Thanks to another client wish list, you are now able to generate the following reports (in Standard Reports) by a single account: Detailed Financial Report, Detailed Financial Register, Cash Flow and Net Worth. Of course, this only applies if you have multiple accounts within BackOffice.

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Staff Picks: Orbiscope Observer

google maps traffic button

This staff pick is from our Office Manager Jen Broadbent. She recommends using a web tracking software called Orbiscope Observer, which enables you to track changes in web pages and RSS feeds. Its great for sites under construction or sites that have parts that update daily.

You can download it here:

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The E-Voter Institute & the Union-Tribune Publishing Company are hosting: "Super-Duper Tuesday: California Leads the Way"
Tuesday, May 8th: 7:30 AM - 10:45 AM

The two panel topics are:
1. The accelerated campaign cycle: What does it mean for campaign fundraising and spending in California?

2. Presidential Politics: Technology advances in campaign communications and management.

For more information click here >>

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HotTip: FEC E-filing Tips


With FEC deadlines approaching, wed like to remind you to give yourself time to file your report!

Often on the day a FEC report is due, clients will call about not being able to file their FEC report. This happens because the FEC server, which is processing all those FEC reports, becomes overloaded. The FEC has sent out a email clarifying that. An electronic filing is not time/date stamped until it is completely received and validated by the electronic filing system, which means if they have trouble accepting it due to server overload it may take several hours to upload completely and it will be considered late!

Read the HotTip online >>

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FEC Reporting Made Easy (or at least easier)


Filing campaign statements with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or any government agency can be a nerve racking and mentally exhausting experience. Having to itemize nearly every transaction, complete complicated forms and follow obscure rules make reporting a challenging job.

The frequency of reports, rapid turnaround required during election season and requirement for exact reporting makes campaign reporting scary for even the most seasoned professional accountant.

With all of that said, after working for years with many clients, we have come up with some best practices for staying out of trouble and keeping the FEC happy.

Read the full article online >>

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Since 2000 has been providing campaign solutions for fundraising, accounting and contact management, online donation processing, government filing, voter contact, volunteer coordination, and web site administration. The company serves over 800 clients in 26 states, from local-level campaigns through Congressional and statewide races. has become an industry leader in cutting-edge Internet technology for political campaigns. To that end we offer unlimited product training and twenty-four hour emergency support.

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