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“Many thanks to you and your staff for always being so easy to deal with and for beating all of your date estimates when we requested changes!”
Paul Sheehan
Steering Committee Member
Citizens for Strong Schools

“Thank you for all your work. We are so happy to be using your software.”
Anitra J. Beruti
Political Coordinator, HROC

“The customer service team at went above and beyond to ensure our success. The software itself is easy to use, efficient, and produced superior results. Thanks for a smooth, professional campaign! You made us look great.”
Samantha Bowman
Campaign Manager

“ has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their Back-Office product for two years. There has never been a question on my end that they could not and did not answer within hours. If you are looking for a software vendor that stands behind their product and their word to help you accomplish your database needs, it is”
Joe Murray
PAC Filer

“You folks are nothing less than super-helpful!!”
David Brown
Southwestern College Academic Action Group: PAC

“"I love your software and your support has been great.”
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce for Mayor

We'd love to hear your positive feedback and suggestions about what we can do better.

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Yes, That Is A Lot Of New Features

Our month of daily additions has come to a close, and we are proud to announce that we met our goal of adding a new feature every day in the second half of July. In fact, we added a total of 23 new features last month, meaning we actually added something new for every weekday in the month of July!

We’d like to thank everyone that contributed ideas or feedback. Below you’ll find a complete list of everything we added last month.

Dashboard: Tomorrow's Follow-Ups Want to get ahead of the game? Now users will be able to see their follow-ups for the next day.
Dashboard: Monthly Contributions Users are now able to view the total of their monthly contributions.
Subvendors become easier to read! For expense transactions, subvendor names will now be shown in bold writing for easier viewing.
Standard Large Import Improved The standard large import now has better support for a variety of phone formats.
Custom Report Generator: Error Checking for Dates By request, the Custom Report Generator will let you know specifics if there's a problem with the date in the query you entered.
PublicPages: We now support contribution ordering. You can now choose the way the contribution levels on PublicPages are ordered. This allows you more flexibility when designing your pages.
Adding Images to Stationery You can now upload images onto's servers, allowing for secure stationery images.
Dashboard: Yesterday's Contributions Users can now see a report on the dashboard for contributions that were received the day before.
Dashboard: Most Recently Added Records This will allow users to view the names of the last 20 records that have been created and provide a hyperlink to each new record.
Dashboard: Favorite Links Ever wanted a way to reach your Favorite Links from your database? Now My Dashboard allows users to create and manage links for themselves or for all users.
Dashboard: Today & Tomorrow Calendars Ever wanted to quickly view today and tomorrow's calendar? Now you can choose to have either or both calendars listed on your My Dashboard page.
Dashboard: Days Until Election Wondering how many days until your next election? Add the newest tool to get a realtime update.
Dashboard: Today's Contributions Want to know how much money you've collected today? Add the newest tool to keep an eye on the amount of contributions received today!
Dashboard: Net Worth Think your campaign is priceless? Prove it. Check out the new tool in My Dashboard that calculates Net Worth.
Dashboard: System Users Now you can have the contact information for your system users at your fingertips. Administrator's can also see the last time each user logged in.
Dashboard: Hula Girl! One of our favorite suggestions - a hula girl (think about the one's that you see on a car dashboard) that dances when you run your cursor over her picture. Only our clients would give us such great suggestions!
Contribution Limits on PublicPages You can now set contribution limits on public pages to refuse payments of more than a specified amount.
Reporting Description Checking The FEC published a list of reporting descriptions they consider inadequate. We've integrated checking for these into our FEC 3 & 3X error checking Note: The FEC describes this list as "partial." In other words, they may decide that other words & phrases are also inadequate.
Dashboard: Weekly Calendar Now you can glance at your weekly calendar from your Dashboard. Yet another option to customize the Dashboard to work for you!
New Dashboard Section: Thank You Summary The thank you summary will let you know how many records you have to thank and when you last sent thank yous. It will also give you a quick link to create thank you letters and labels.
New Dashboard Section: Outstanding Pledges Summary The Pledges summary will tell you how much you have in outstanding pledges and give you a quick link to the detailed pledge report.
New Dashboard Section: Announcements Administrators, we have added a new section to My Dashboard that allows you to post announcements to your users. You can turn on this section by clicking on 'Show Management Tools' and then checking off 'Announcements'. Note that your users will need to have this section enabled in order to see posted announcements.
Improved Search Results for Contributions to Third Parties When viewing search results from the Add/Search tab, individuals or organizations with a Contribution to Third Party transaction will have an olive-colored "($)" symbol displayed next to their name. Regular transactions will continue to have the green "($)" symbol.

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All Things Political Aug 27-28

“The training at ‘All Things Political’ in San Diego, provided me with practical advice, based on actual experiences, and encouraged my company to update techniques and strive for innovation. However, some of the best insight was gained at the networking activities in the time between speakers. The camaraderie present in this environment fostered lasting, mutually beneficially relationships between professionals from all fields. ‘All Things Political’ is an unparalleled setting to expand your view of the industry and establish connections with your most valuable resources: your colleagues.”
Sha Embree,
Peer Group Consulting

The long awaited political training seminar is only a few weeks away. There are still some spaces left, but time is almost up to get registered - So get your registration form back before you miss this opportunity.

It’s going to be an extremely valuable training seminar with a wide range of topics include persuasive fundraising, trends for 2008, micro targeting, and special trainings by

Yes, it is the most comprehensive political training seminar in the country, but ALSO it’s at the picturesque Catamaran Resort in beautiful San Diego. There’s an entire night life surrounding the resort which include The Liar’s Club, Canes Live Shows, Costa Brava Tapas Bar, and more. In the days coming up to the event we’ll be publishing a more complete list of evening fun online.

This event is essential, whether this is your first campaign or you’re a veteran campaign manager, so make sure to get onboard.

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