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“Our company handles many federal candidates’ committees, and our clients are always pleasantly surprised at how outstanding Complete is in comparison to the competition.”
Emily T. Hoover
Financial Manager
Campaign Financial Services

“Thank you for all your work. We are so happy to be using your software.”
Anitra J. Beruti
Political Coordinator, HROC

“The customer service team at Complete went above and beyond to ensure our success. The software itself is easy to use, efficient, and produced superior results. Thanks Complete for a smooth, professional campaign! You made us look great.”
Samantha Bowman
Campaign Manager

“Four years ago, after reviewing other campaign software I decided to go with I have never been disappointed.
The software is efficient and very easy to use. Your staff is the best. When I have a question either by phone or email, I always get a fast response.”
Waldo Arballo
Arballo & Associates

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New Staff at

We’re excited to announce that our new Client Support Analyst, Julie Deloach, started this week. She has 5 years of client support experience and we think you’ll find that she’s another helpful and friendly voice. Another of our Client Support Analysts, Molly Rackers, will be going on maternity leave next week through the end of this year. We want to wish Molly the best and welcome Julie in joining our team.

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Staff Pick

Recover Files from Damaged CDs and DVDs with CD Recovery Toolbox

Have you lost data on CDs or DVDs because of excessive scratches? We came across this Windows-only freeware application called CD Recovery Toolbox which can likely help. CD Recovery Toolbox reads the undamaged portions of the disc allowing you to extract whichever files and folders you want. The application doesn't promise access to every file that you originally burned to the disc, but it will recover as much as it can read.

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Media Tours Are Key to Organizational Messaging
Article by Al Madison, Madison and Company, LLC

At its essence successful public relations is all about story telling -- and every campaign or non-profit, no matter who they may be, has a great story to tell. It may take a while to identify and massage your campaign’s story and it may also take some practice to refine delivering the messages and preparing for questions, but once you’ve settled on the dimensions of your story and who is best equipped to tell it, then it becomes very important to determine which audiences and supporters you need to influence ¬who needs to hear and understand your story.

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Since 2000, has been providing campaign solutions for fundraising, accounting and contact management, online donation processing, government filing, voter contact, volunteer coordination, and web site administration. The company serves over 800 clients in 26 states, from local-level campaigns through Congressional and statewide races. has become an industry leader in cutting-edge Internet technology for political campaigns. To that end we offer unlimited product training and twenty-four hour emergency support.

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