Subject listing for the CampaignGuide by CompleteCampaigns.com
  • Accounting & Budgeting
    Money is the lifeblood of every campaign; however many campaigns fail to appropriately plan and track their fundraising and expenditures. We collected articles to help you manage your finances.

    On many levels, advertising is the primary goal of every political campaign. Ultimately, advertising wins or loses every election. These articles will give you suggestions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.

    The key to running a successful campaign is having the money to express your core campaign ideals. We've drummed up some sage advice on filling those campaign coffers.

    Getting Started
    The decision to run for elected office is a difficult one. We've collected articles from experts to help make sure you've thought of everything.

    Internet Campaigning
    The Internet is here and it's not going away. Everyone knows that you can't ignore it but most campaigns are still not quite sure of what to do with it or why. These articles will take the complexity out of the Internet allowing you to concentrate on using it to win your election.

    Local Campaigns
    Local campaigns face unique challenges -- these articles will help you overcome them.

    Press Relations
    The press can make or break any campaign. These articles will help you better manage the press so that the press doesn't manage you.

    Public Speaking
    Public speaking is the most common phobia in America but a necessary component of running for office. These articles will help you manage your fears and make yourself a more effective public speaker.

    Refining Your Tactics
    There are a few basic methods that all campaigns use to reach out to their voting base. This collection of articles is intended to help you tweak the details; to make your campaign personal and unique.

    Strategy & Planning
    You'll find some great articles here providing the 10,000 foot view of campaign management.

    Young Voters
    Information about who young voters are, why they are important for your campaign, how to engage them and other helpful information regarding young voters.