Our Commitment

A Statement of Principles

CompleteCampaigns.com has been voted the best political campaign management software two years running.

At CompleteCampaigns.com, we are dedicated to quality and service. But what does that really mean? We thought we’d take a moment to break down our commitment in concrete terms.

  1. Secure Data
  2. First and foremost, we promise to stand between your data and unauthorized “hackers.” We use firewalls, separate web and data servers, internal access security and monitoring - a level of security similar to what any financial institution has for their online operations. In the entire history of our company, we have never had client data stolen, and we work with a team of internet security professionals to make sure we stay on the cutting edge of available technology.

  3. Universal Service
  4. We are not a political organization. As a non-partisan business, we are focused on providing quality products and services, and growing our company. We will never refuse to work with any campaign, regardless of the size, viability or the amount of money they have in the bank.

    CompleteCampaigns.com offers our clients excellent software and service, never political support. This unbiased approach sets us apart from many of our competitors, and we believe it is what makes us an even more trustworthy company with which to do business.

  5. Confidentiality
  6. A good working relationship with a client is dependent on trust and at CompleteCampaigns.com, you can be confident that your data is safe and won't be compromised by anyone on our staff.

    We stand by our guarantee of confidentiality. First, all employees of CompleteCampaigns.com sign a confidentiality agreement upon which their employment is contingent. And second, our clients’ Service Agreement specifies that all rights to the data belong to you.

    More importantly, our employees understand the importance of a trusting relationship with your campaign. We understand why confidentiality is important to you – that’s why beyond what any contract specifies, every conversation with a staff member about your data and work is 100% confidential.

  7. Respect
  8. We know what it means to run on campaign time – there are times when you need everything yesterday. When you’re stressed out, we take you seriously and respect your concerns and time constraints.

    We haven’t mastered time travel yet, but we can make sure that your needs and expectations are met as quickly as possible. We will endeavor to clearly communicate the amount of time that needed for your requests, and work hard to exceed expectations.

  9. Constantly Improving Product
  10. As a business dedicated to our clients’ happiness and our own success, we strive to provide the best product on the market. We are constantly developing our software, taking many of our best ideas from our clients. We also try to stay on top of technology, trying to think of things before our clients even ask for them. Listening to the people who work with our software the most – our clients – helps us make it better.

  11. Pricing
  12. We want to give people a fair deal. We strive to make our products work for campaigns of any size from a small town, city council race to a major gubernatorial election.

  13. Independence
  14. CompleteCampaigns.com firmly believes that candidates and elected officials should make decisions based on their own ideas and their constituents - not under any influence from their vendors.

    We believe in an honest political process, including free speech no matter what your beliefs. As such, we will provide service regardless of party affiliation or political ideology.

  15. Data Ownership
  16. Our clients' data belongs solely to them and when a client terminates service, we will return it. We will never charge for the return of a terminating client's data and we will return data within five working days upon request. This policy is absolute -- even if a client owes us money, we will still return their data without charge.

Complete Campaigns.com has shown their excellent support services time and time again since I have been using their BackOffice product for two years!

Joe Murray
PAC Filer
Thank you for making my job as treasurer so easy. It really is very user friendly and as easy as pushing a button to get the reports I need.

Margaret Lee
Wow. This is powerful. That's great. I have needed something like this for awhile.

Honorable Eric Pettigrew
Our company handles many federal candidates’ committees, and our clients are always surprised at how outstanding CompleteCampaigns.com is in comparison to the competition.

Emily T. Hoover
Financial Manager

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