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CompleteCampaigns.com has been voted the best support team for political software two years running.

Our commitment to you is 24-7

When you join the Aristotle/CompleteCampaigns.com family, you not only have access to award winning software, you also receive a guarantee of technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our commitment to providing top-notch support is unparalleled, going above and beyond what our competitors provide. Our experienced staff is always available to answer questions, walk you through software procedures or fix the occasional bug.

We also provide software training for both new and current members of your staff. You are guaranteed as many training sessions necessary, if needed, for you to feel comfortable with all that the programs can do for you and your organization. In addition, you can also receive customized training on-site at your organization's location.

Our products are accompanied by an ever-expanding online Help File library. Here you can find instructions for operating the software, as well as troubleshooting tips and tutorials. If you have any feedback or ideas, we are always looking for new ways to improve both the help files and the software.

The Support staff can be reached during business hours, 6am to 5pm PST, by dialing 888-217-9600 or emailing either support@completecampaigns.com or support@completecampaigns.com.

For after-hours and weekend emergency assistance, please dial 800-243-4401 and an on-call staff member will be paged no matter what time, day or night.

Our commitment to you is 24-7. When you need us, we are there.

I would highly recommend CompleteCampaigns.com to anyone who wants a program that does what it's supposed to do and a company to back it up.

Denna Huett
Campaign Consultant
CompleteCampaign.com's staff is helpful and friendly. They have really hit it out of the park with customer service.

Kelly Lawler
Professional Treasurer
Our company handles many federal candidates’ committees, and our clients are always surprised at how outstanding CompleteCampaigns.com is in comparison to the competition.

Emily T. Hoover
Financial Manager

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